Friday, November 02, 2012

Custom Laptop Skins

Laptops are fantastic, little portable computers.  I say this and I know that my children and husband have a big grin on their faces because of the four of us, I know the LEAST about computers.  I can use them and I know some programs pretty well, but as for knowing how they work, I am clueless.  
There are few things that I do know about computers.  They get dirty and scratch like any other tool and this is a problem because I like my tools shiny!
I heard about computer skins -- not some cyborg device, but a film or protective layer that goes over the laptop and is used to either protect or dress up your computer.  (Skins are also made for phones, iPads, and other devices.)
They are fashion statements for nerds!  OK, not just for nerds.  But, they can be made to reflect the owner's sense of style (or lack of it.) They have sports teams, college and school mascots and logos and lots of images.
I found a few places online where you can order them to fit your particular laptop and I even found some places that will make your own design from a photograph or drawing.  I used the company Skinit and within a week had my custom laptop skin.
 You might remember the painting I did a few years ago of my favorite beach scene.  I uploaded it to Skinit, paid my fee and it arrived today.
 I followed the simple directions of cleaning your laptop and applying the skin. It goes on like a sticker or vinyl cling. It isn't permanent, so it can be removed whenever I want to change the style...
But, I like the way it's dressed up now!

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