Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finding Treasures

I love it when the unexpected happens in a good way! Jon and I went for a walk on the beach after a long flight and instead of the expected surf and sand, the beach was covered with machinery.  The Environmental Department was doing a beach cleanup and renovation, blasting sand from the ocean onto the beach to rebuild the sand that was lost from the hurricane and storms.  It was bittersweet. We walked along the beach, one of our favorite places, but instead of wind, birds chirping and the roar of the ocean, there was the hum of large trucks, bulldozers and a large barge offshore.
We were completely aware of the efforts being made to reclaim the beach and were grateful for this, but the timing was (selfishly) inconvenient for us!
Luckily, the only areas of the beach that were closed, were specific areas under construction at the moment, so we still had the ability to walk along. And as a bonus, many people must have assumed the beach was closed entirely, because it was rather deserted.
As we were walking along the areas that were newly rebuilt, we spotted sandy, sharp bumps in the sand. As we are both curious people, we dig around and found buried treasure!
Beautiful shells that were blown in from the ocean were buried in the sand.  They were diamonds in the  rough, packed with sand and gray, but that didn't discourage me. I picked up as many as I could hold and filled my pockets with the sandy shells, giggling with glee the entire time.  I regretted not bringing a bag with me, but didn't want to risk losing these treasures, so I just packed as many in as I could.
As we continued our walk, Jon would chuckle as a shell would drop out of my pocket. I was not deterred.  When we finished our walk, we returned home and I washed the shells (and my sand filled shorts!) and this is what I found:
This made my day.

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