Thursday, November 01, 2012

Scenes from Halloween 2012

 All was quiet around here on Halloween.  With no more kids to get dressed up, take trick or treating or help make treats, it was a rather quiet day.  It was fun to see what the girls did... Here are their painted pumpkins.  They look fantastic!  I love all the shapes and colors.
 Ashley as a flesh eating zombie... As a young child, she would do that to Oreo cookies too.
 Allie as a much neater eater... (On a side note, I don't like seeing them look so creepy!!!)
 Two happy and adorable costumed revelers!  Their costumes are fantastic! I love Theo's hat and hook and Claudia's shoes and blue leggings!  So cute.

 Oh and Allie and Ash entered a contest for the Big Bang Theory TV Show.  They dressed up as Amy Farrah Fowler and Penny, two very funny characters!  Here is the link to see their entry on the CBS site!

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