Sunday, November 11, 2012

This year there is a boom in rodents -- specifically squirrels, due to a high nut crop because of a warm winter.  As any farmer, bird feeder or gardener knows, squirrels are not the cute things that everyone thinks.  They are nightmares!  They break into attics, eat bird seed, demolish gardens. And they run free in parks, woods and yards just asking for trouble.
So, what's a person to do?
South Carolina's Clemson University solution is to offer the squirrels contraception.  They feed the squirrels seeds coated with the cholesterol lowering drug DiazaCon.  Without the proper level of cholesterol, the squirrels can not reproduce.
The dosed sunflower seeds are formulated with dye and are sweeter.  This stains the squirrels pink.  The eat the seeds, like candy.  Problem solved....?

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