Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Early Family Christmas Gathering

This past weekend, some of my siblings and I had an early Christmas gathering.  We "descended" on my brother's home and had a fun lunch, decorated gingerbread and watched the kids open presents.
 I saw my twin sisters and Ellie Belly!  I don't think Ellie sat by herself for more than thirty seconds. Between her three aunts, mamma, uncle, protective cousins Theo and Claudia, she was never bored nor alone!
 A smiling Theo who practiced his Christmas carols, bow and arrow skills and very impressive decorating ability! He was so sweet to his baby cousin.  What a thoughtful little boy!
 Here I am with two of the cutest little girls ever!  The tall one is the spitting image of my brother circa 1982 and the little one is the spitting image of my sister circa 1976!
 Our lovely hosts who enjoyed sneaking pizelle cookies for little Ellie Belly!
 And my sister M, the Pied Piper of children...
Even Iron Man (Girl) made an appearance! It was a very fun party!

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