Monday, December 17, 2012

Drawings Done Digital

I can't decide if I like drawing and painting the traditional way- with a brush and paper or if I prefer using a computer/iPad. I guess I just love them both and sometimes I prefer to use both methods.  With some artwork, I enjoy the traditional ways and then I scan them onto my computer to add to them further. Here are some I've done in earlier posts here and here.  The ones I've done here are Santa themed.
Santa with his round belly, egg shaped beard and swirly pom-pom.  I like the simplicity of the shapes and colors.
And them after I've scanned this image, I added a background and some falling snowflakes.  I like the pale blue background, too.

Here is a sketch of Santa from Zia Gaia.  He is not your traditional colors, but still recognizable anyway.

Here he is with an interesting background and a dark shadow.

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