Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Fabric Art Journal

In my ongoing art journaling process I wanted to expand into other mediums.  I have previously used paper and inks, paint, collage and pen.  I wanted to use fabric instead of paper and still apply different materials.  The exciting part has been the new and different materials that can be incorporated into the journal.
I started by making the pages from old scraps of fabric, new pieces of muslin that Allie, Ashley and I monoprinted onto, old needlepoint tablecloths that were torn or ripped and some fun pieces of fabrics that I had around the house.  I cut them all to size and then attached a stabilizer to the back side. This gave the pages stiffness, so that they can support the different things I want to sew on them.
Things can be sewn on, glued, embroidered, pinned, sketched and painted!
I then bound the pages using a bookbinding method and created a blankish journal. Now comes the fun part - filling it with fun stuff.  This process will be ongoing, that is the fun of it!
 The first page is an old needlepoint picture on one page and a monoprint on the other. I sewed an embroidered heart onto the page.
On the next set of pages, I sewed a ribbon and then strung beads. I added an old photo.
 The next set of pages are more monoprints on muslin. On one page I sewed some plastic netting (that held onions) and a canvas rectangle.  I liked how it focused the attention on the rectangle, but still kept the beauty of the background.
 Here are two pages made from fun fabric.  I didn't do anything besides sew it, but I liked the image on the fabric as well as the gold and silver medallions.
 On the left hand side I used another mono print and on the right hand side was a plain piece of muslin. I attached a fabric house that I created on a a flight to Florida a couple of years ago.
 The last set of pages - again plain muslin and then the needlepoint scrap.
 From the top view you can see the texture of the pages as well as the binding and beads.
And a side view.  Now, to get to work on filling the journal with treasures.

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