Thursday, December 06, 2012

Florida Botanical Gardens - Holiday of Lights - part 1

The Florida Botanical Gardens creates a fabulous "Holiday of Lights in the Garden" each Christmas season.  This year was my first year viewing it and it was fantastic!  (I know some people think that electric lights are tacky, but I find them to be absolutely beautiful.)  I love Christmas lights, whether it be an electric candle in a window, New England style or a grand display.  I think it goes back to a favorite memory of my childhood when I sat on my father's shoulders and watched the Electric parade at Disneyland. But, through the years, I think glowing Christmas lights just get more beautiful.  What can compare to the colorful, glowing lights against the night sky?
The Florida Botanical Gardens, however, made one of the best Christmas light displays I have ever seen!  The gardens are beautiful sans the lights, but seeing the Christmas glow and walking the beautiful grounds was a lovely experience.  (And best of all - there was no snow to trudge through! I admit, it was a bit odd to see the Christmas lights without wearing layers upon layers of warm clothing. I did have a hankering for cocoa, but out of habit, not desperation. Here are some cold weather lights.)
My pictures do not do the gardens justice.  But, they are a reminder of the fabulous night. The Gardens are open from the Friday after Thanksgiving to January 1st and if I lived near there, I would head over weekly during Advent.
 One of the many entrances is all decked out, giving visitors a glimpse of what is ahead.
 They have "traditional" trees scattered around.
 And very elegant displays. The white lights on the tree surrounded by red poinsettias were breathtaking in simplicity.
I was a sucker for the trees of many colors.  The simple shapes and bold colors were gorgeous.

 The "waterfall" was blue lights trailing down fencing.  Absolutely beautiful.
They covered the trunks of the palm trees with fun colors.  (It may have been inspired by the imagination of Dr. Suess.)
And as you can see, we weren't the only people enjoying the scenery.  No matter how many times I see them, this Yankee can't get over seeing palm trees dressed for Christmas.  I know it sounds ridiculous and egocentric but I am shocked to think that Christmas is celebrated in tropical climates!   For someone who has always lived in the Great North, it is a entirely new experience to see these beautiful sights.  I like them more and more every time I see them! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow for more pics!

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