Friday, December 07, 2012

Florida Botanical Gardens - Holiday of Lights Part 2

Yesterday's post can be found here.
 The folks at the Florida Botanical Gardens went all out with their Holiday of Lights.  There were traditional trees as well as so much more.  Under one footbridge, there were these illuminated geese (or are they swans?).  When we passed by them, another couple were admiring them, discussing getting a set for their own pond!
 There were even laser projections against some of the foliage with lights that twirled, danced and spun.
 Here is their wedding chapel - a gazebo lit up and strewn with lights and garland against a glowing blue background.
There was one fountain in the pond that was illuminated with a rainbow of lights.  Behind it, you can see the decorated palm trees along the walk.

The boardwalk was lit up like a Christmas drum.  
And here is a view of the boardwalk with the large lights.  It was a beautiful sight!

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