Sunday, December 09, 2012

More Drawings - Christmas themed

I have continued doing my daily drawings, but instead of using pencil and paper, I have been using my iPad and a stylus.  I am learning to draw using this (new to me) medium and I think it is helping me learn to create shadows and highlights.  Because it is digital, I have an easier time "erasing" my mistakes and I can save my work and make multiple versions of the same piece, if I like. 
I worked on a bunch with a Christmas theme, trying to work on pieces for Christmas tags.
 I made a simple drawing of this famous guy.  He is very primitive and simple in the drawing, but was a fun thing to work on with his bright, limited color palette.
 This little guy is adorable.  I like his colors and the shapes of his feet, tights and jingle bell.
 The classic poinsettia is another favorite of mine. I love all colors, but red seems so brilliant!
Rustic Christmas ornaments.  It is VERY difficult to draw perfectly round shapes. I had fun with the shadowing on this piece. I can see where I need more work.

 This simple chick is my absolute favorite, all dolled up for Christmas. He is basic, simple and adorable!
 I like the colors of the mistletoe.
And lastly, Rudolph with his velvety antlers.

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