Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo Bloopers

We've all taken photos that are less than desirable... usually they involve ourselves.  I don't know how, but my sisters and daughters are some of the most photogenic people I know and I am the worst!  I am usually caught with closed eyes, a weird mouth or my chin tilted up so my neck looks like a tree trunk and you can see clear up my nostrils to my brain.
I have come to accept this and realize that if I want to be in any family pictures, I should "man up" and do my best to look at the camera and smile.  If I can't be remembered as photogenic, I can at least be remembered as always smiling...
But, I think it is good to be able to laugh at myself.  It has taken a while to be able to do this, but damn, it is fun!  And there is nothing better than being able to laugh at my sisters!  So, here goes, some very funny photos of our mini Christmas gathering that were too good to pass up.... or should I say, they were so bad, they were good!
Now, these aren't photos where people are caught unaware... these are posed photos that didn't quite make the family photo album (we can only hope).
OK, this photo is so funny! I giggle each time I see it.

This photo is what happens when you try and photograph a group of active children.  Only one out of the four people in the shot is cooperating.  Way to go Claudia, you look beautiful in your crown.
And to show that I am not picking on my good natured sister, here is one of me.  Despite photographic evidence, I have had nothing to drink.  Somehow, all three UNCOOPERATIVE children manage to look adorable, while I look like I have the world's longest neck.

Lastly, here is a blooper that I truly love.   Not one of the six are looking at the camera.  Claudia has a strange face, M is doing something weird with her mouth while reading to the kids and Dame is out of focus.  Baby Ellie is interacting with Piera who towering over everyone while trying to hunch down. Yet, everyone is engrossed on the story The Other Monster at the End of the Book and that makes the picture looks beautiful to me.  It would never win any awards for composition, lighting or anything else, but it captures my crazy family in all its glory.  My sister has children draped all over her, my other sister is interested in what's happening and my brother is engrossed in the entire scene.  Sometimes bloopers are the perfect shot, after all.

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