Monday, December 03, 2012

Scenes from Thanksgiving - Part 2

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without delicious food.  Through the years, we have adopted traditions from Jon's family and my family.  We have blended menus and created some new favorites through the years. I love trying new recipes and discovering "keepers" and while the holidays is as good a time as any to try them, not all make the grade of bringing them back year after year.  It seems each family has their own typical menu, whether it is plum pudding or Sofia Loren's stuffed chicken.  The beauty is that each family makes the dish their own. It has been interesting for me to see which dishes my daughters enjoy and request.  
 Jon and his father love stuffed celery, so the girls made a lovely tray this year.  The celery is stuffed with all sorts of things, cream cheese, cottage cheese, onion dip and hummus and topped with olives, salsa and seasonings.
We tend to overdo the cranberries, but who can blame us?  They are beautiful and so delicious.  We like whole berry sauce, the kind that you cook down on the stove with enough sugar to take away the bitterness, but not enough to remove the tang.  The color is brilliant.  We make cranberry ambrosia, sauce and usually a dessert or two!
 Stuffed dates are another tradition from Jon's family.  I buy plump dates and slice them apart.  I stuff them with cheddar cheese (extra sharp) pepper cheese, almonds, fudge and this year - Nutella!  I roll the dates in cocoa powder, sugar, granulated sugar and leave some plain, just to be able to distinguish the different fillings.
And a view of us at the table!

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