Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art to Soothe the Nerves - Sini's Series

For many people doing art is an expression of creativity, emotions and mood. It becomes therapeutic, an outlet for frustration, confusion, fear and hope.  I find that if I have the luxury of time then I can gain the benefits from the process of art.   This weekend, my sister had a health emergency with her son.  We were all concerned and worried for them.  As we waited for news, I took out my paints and art supplies and kept busy.
In between updates, I poured my frustration into my my artwork; painting, collaging, sketching. 
I call them Sini's Series.  I worked with acrylic paints, papers, stencils and inks.  I worked furiously and sometimes, calmly.
Some images were abstract, some were whimsical and some were just plain weird. I tried to keep the colors pleasing.  I found the one with houses to be soothing, simple and pleasing.
I tried to do "symbolic" artwork, with each balloon being a good thought sent to Sini.
 Others were inspiring by nature and blended with patterns and bold colors.  I liked these best of all because they were happy, bright and familiar.
 Then there were some that were so abstract that they were just a way to do artwork that was all about the process and not the end result.  They will make a good background or starting point for other artwork.
 And then there were others that started out as abstract works, but ended up being pieces that I really loved when I finished them.  They were interesting and not my usual work.
I liked the addition of layers upon layers upon layers of papers, paint and more paper and more paint.
I made 20 pages overall - each one being 8.5"x11.5".  I will post them in 2 other posts...

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