Sunday, January 13, 2013


 This week I finished reading Among the Bears by Benjamin Kilham and Ed Gray.  The book is about Kilham, a naturalist, who takes in orphaned bears, fosters them and then releases them into the wild.  The authors live in NH, in Lyme, and refer to many places throughout the local area that make it very familiar.  The book is quite interesting, with 2/3 of it anecdotal and the remainder written like a scientific paper.  Kilham keeps a website with more information about his work and bears.
 I like yogurt with my favorite being the Greek yogurt.  I have happily eaten Fage yogurt and I do enjoy trying other varieties.  I recently was introduced to muller yogurt while in Italy and when I saw it in the grocery store here in the USA, I had to try it!  I was surprised to find out that it is owned by Quaker.  Muller yogurt comes in many flavors and varieties, including Greek.  I have tried many kinds, and enjoy them all.
And lastly, my blessing for the week is garlic. I have loved it for years and can't imagine food without it.

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