Sunday, January 27, 2013


This week was abundant with blessings.
- The frigid cold seemed to depart with much warmer temperatures arriving Friday. 
- The sun was out - even if the high daytime temperature was only 5 degrees.
- My nephew is recovering from surgery and his appetite has returned!  I hope he continues to eat like a little piggy!
- I spotted an eagle flying in the sky on RT 89!  It was a brilliant sight.
Trappist Cranberry Conserves.  Absolutely delicious with roast chicken and pork.  It is an great alternative to homemade cranberry sauce.

Dinner with my close friend -- Time flies when we're apart and it is nice to get together and catch up.  We need to do that more often!

Lastly, bittersweet that my girls returned to college for Spring Semester.  I am blessed that they are taking their classes seriously, learning new things and growing into brilliant young women.

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