Saturday, January 05, 2013

Drawings for 2013

My artwork for the year has already started. I can't wait to go to my table and start painting.  I've been trying to add more depth to my images, making more layers, adding backgrounds, shadows, and highlights.  When you look at a drawing or painting and the image appears to be "floating" it is lacking shadow. If all the colors are the same tones, with little difference between dark and light, it lacks highlights. There is so much to keep track of, but at some point, I learned to look at my work and critique it as I am going along, instead of when I am finished. 
I hope this means that I am no longer focused on the end result of completing my image, but instead I am busy working on the process of creating. Or maybe, I just learned to do things more efficiently... either way, I learned something!
 This bunny is grounded! He has shadow behind him and a highlight in his eye.
 This girl was quite a bit of work. As you can see, she is floating, not grounded, and I kind of just stopped with her neck... oh well, I guess she is not finished after all.
 This lion is something very usual for me. He is bright and furry, I really like the mane!
 Little Yassine Bear with his eucalyptus leaf.  The ears are a little wonky, but I like his overall shape and expression.

And this sketch was really fun to make. I am very pleased with the shadows and I love how the legs are all tangled.

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