Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

Many people celebrate New Year's Eve, watching the ball drop, toasting the New Year, dancing.  As a family, we celebrated New Year's Day.  The main reason was because my father worked on New Year's Eve and when we moved to NH and he started the restaurant, we all worked on New Year's Eve.  The restaurant was closed on January 1st, so that was our day as a family to celebrate and have our big meal.  Through the years, the table size has decreased and increased with people bringing guests, new family members, vacations and people moving away.  It seems that no two years are alike.  Lately, we have a new generation that are getting older, able to feed themselves, share tales of their classes and activities and keep us entertained.  As some of us slow down, they seem to perk up, circle of life type of things. And here is our cast of characters.
Theo was busy playing games on M's phone.
The next generation of cousins...
 Baby Ellie being treasured by her mama!
And we can't forget the food.
 A Cheese Board
 Roasted Natural Chicken
 Eggplant Parmigiana
 Haddock cooked in a Wine and Cream sauce
 Canadian Oysters
 Carrots, Swiss Chard and Roasted Cauliflower
And the entire table of entrees...

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