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Recipe: Hula Pie - Yankee Style

One of my sisters spent the new year in paradise Hawaii.  She was kind enough to keep all of us in the loop posting pictures of her long boring days on the beach, watching firedancers, golfing, traveling the island in the terribly cool 75 - 85 degree weather, surfing in the Pacific and so on.  (Meanwhile, New England is facing a cold spell in the single digits, if we are lucky and in the negative temperatures overnight.) One photo she was kind enough to send was of a Hawaiian treat called the Hula Pie.
I asked her what was in the mile high pie and she sent me the recipe!
I had to try it!  But, this pie isn't for the faint of heart.  The original from Duke's in Hawaii is HUGE! I tamed the recipe a bit, making it more Yankee and less grass-skirt wearing tourist....
And it was still good...
 Did I mention that there was no baking in this recipe?  The recipe calls for Macadamia Nut Ice Cream, but since that is a tad hard to find in NH, I made my own.
 I did manage to find the last bag of whole macadamia nuts and chopped them roughly.
 Then I mixed them in a stand mixer with 1.5 quarts softened vanilla ice cream and a drop of almond extract.
 I filled the chocolate cookie crust with the "homemade" ice cream.  (If I wanted to be more like the original, I would have doubled the amount of ice cream.)
Then I froze it. When it was time to serve, I added warm chocolate sauce, more chopped macadamia nuts and some whipped cream.  Everyone loved it. It was a keeper of a recipe... even in the bitter cold.

Hula Pie - Yankee Style
1 chocolate cookie crust
1.5 quarts vanilla ice cream softened
4 oz macadamia nuts, chopped
1 drop almond extract
1 cup heavy cream for whipping
1 cup chocolate sauce (or more)

(If you wish to make a more authentic sized pie, double the amount of ice cream, nuts and almond extract.)
Soften the ice cream for 5 - 10 min at room temperature. Remove from carton and place in a stand mixer with paddle attachment and blend until the ice cream is smooth.  Set aside 3T chopped nuts and dump the rest in the ice cream bowl.  Add the almond extract.
When the nuts are blended into the ice cream, spread into cookie crust.
Cover and freeze until ready to serve.
Warm chocolate sauce and whip cream.
Slice pie into pieces and plate.
Spoon chocolate sauce over pie and sprinkle with reserved chopped nuts. Top with whipped cream.

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