Friday, January 18, 2013

Sini's Series - Part 2

Here's Part II of the artwork I did named Sini's Series.  In the previous post, I mentioned how doing art could be therapeutic; a stress reliever or an outlet for fears, frustrations and worries.  Part of what makes doing artwork (or cleaning or laundry or sorting) helpful is that it is something that requires you to occupy your mind without demanding concentration.  It is a way to clear your head and feel lighter.  I find that if I work a little at it, I can actually focus on, well doing nothing.
 Part of what makes it relaxing is that I am not nitpicking or critiquing all that I do at this point.  I go into the process with the understanding that I may or might not get a masterpiece, but that is all right.  Part of what makes it so helpful is that I understand that if I don't like something, I can continue to add layers and change it OR I can just throw it out.  Because my goal is to unwind, calm down or occupy my mind, I let myself do this -- guilt free.
 Some artists keep everything they do - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sure, I keep some stuff that others might describe as ugly, but if I don't like it, I try to repair it and if I find myself getting frustrated by the "therapeutic" art, than I trash it.  Sometimes, just being able to toss it out and remove it from my work table is a relief.  (Who knows, maybe it is as if I am getting rid of my troubles symbolically.)
I like the use of curves and squiggly lines.
 And of course, the soothing shape of a simple circle.
Sometimes I try things I don't normally do, like drips of paint that look like a spill or splatters of ink... Not my usual style, but it does add interest to a piece, so it is a fun technique to practice.
 And pretty soon, I was working on page after page, adding color to one and then noticing that another piece would benefit  from that color too.
Then I tried using shapes, long tubes and strands, variations on lines.  I was on a roll and things started to get interesting.  Very interesting.  (One more post - Part 3 of Sini's Series coming in a few days).

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