Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sini's Series - Part 3

These are the final paintings in the Sini's Series.  These are all paintings that are unusual for me. I tried to use colors that I didn't normally use and try new techniques and styles.

The similarities in all the paintings are the layers.  There are so many layers, paint, stenciling, collage and then more paint and more layers.  I found myself using lots of circles and curved lines.
 This painting was the only one with a specific image - the angel. The shadows formed a shape and I carried it out, adding wings and a halo. It's a guardian angel for Sini.
 I liked the blues in this piece and how the roping draws your eye across it.
 This piece doesn't show up as well as it does in person, but the background looks like rust on a computer screen, but is actually gold.  The stencils of the dandelion flower seemed to contrary to the gold background - a weed among riches!
This piece is my favorite one. it is like 12 different paintings in one. I like how each rectangle has it's own personality and texture.

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