Monday, January 28, 2013

Subway Sandwich Controversy

Photo by Matt Corbly
Are you familiar with Subway Sandwich Shops?  They are famous for making sandwiches on freshly baked bread in either 6 inch or 12 inch sizes.  Perhaps you've heard of the controversy that started when a Subway patron posted a photo of his foot long sandwich on his facebook page.  The foot long sandwich measured and mere 11 inches and the masses were outraged.
Originally, Subway Australia responded that their Subway Footlong was a trademarked name not a description of measurement, but took done that post.  Instead, Subway came out with a statement that promises to ensure consistency and standards with every sandwich they serve.
As you can imagine, lawsuits ensued and now people are irate because they feel they were "robbed" by paying $5 for an 11 inch sandwich, instead of the expected 12 inch.
Now, while I think that calling the sandwich 6 inch or footlong does imply that the sandwich is in fact six or 12 inches, I do think people have to understand that each loaf of bread will not be exactly 12 inches.... Could there be a definite effort to cheat people out of their final 1 inch of sandwich?
Are lawsuits necessary?
We live in a time when our Constitutional Rights are being slashed and people are up in arms over the option to purchase an 11 inch footlong sandwich.

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