Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week at a Glance

This week has been as busy as the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Between work and household chores I have been running around constantly.

The snowfall that landed earlier in the week reeked a bit of havoc on our driveway. Even though we had the road plowed Jon couldn't get his car up. It stayed out the night at the base of the hill and the girls and I salted the driveway, trying to clear the drive so he could get traction.
Between the warmer temperatures the next day, the salt and three of us pushing, we got the car into the garage. It was a relief to get it put away.

The girls are getting ready to return to school next week.  We are not looking forward to that day.

Allie and Ashley and I went shopping for some winter clothing and hit the jackpot with sales at our local mall. We spent three hours of bargain shopping and came home with clothing for them to take to their next semester.  I scored a pair of wedge boots that I have been looking for since my sister got a pair!

I made a lasagna soup for dinner that had all the flavors of the Italian delicacy but with much less of the work.  It was delicious with a spoonful of ricotta floating on top and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. I really like when new recipes turn out to be keepers.

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