Sunday, February 10, 2013


Once again, blessings have been plentiful this week.
  • The Blizzard of 2013, dubbed "Nemo" by the media hit and my unscientific measurement was 15 inches!  This was a whopper of a storm.
  • I received an email from my "roommate" of 2 years ago, reminding me that it snowed on the night of my (our) surgery. I came out of it well and it has been a great 2 years since.
  • My sister's little one is doing better and smiling a lot!
  • February is a big birthday month for our families little ones.  Theo turned 6 this week.  Happy Birthday T!
  • I ran a lot this week... that makes me happy.
  • I made a bunch of sketches this week. I am glad to be working with colored pencils.

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