Friday, February 08, 2013

Decorating Round Cookies for Valentine's Day

Here's an idea for simple cookie decorating for Valentine's Day.  Instead of cluttering your home with special cookie cutter shapes, use a simple shape that can be made with a drinking cup!
Just use frosting to make the Valentine's theme for easy cookies.

 To make lots of little hearts in frosting, drop dots of color onto a plain background and then drag a toothpick through the hearts to form the tail and bumps in the top of the heart.
 Make hearts inside hearts using 2 colors, one for the hearts and one for the background.
 Use different color dots to make rainbow hued hearts.
 Write a simple word or even a love poem.
 Use a rainbow of hues to make hearts as well.
 A simple, single colored heart.
Or draw the outline of a heart on a solid colored background.

Or draw a solid heart on a solid colored background.

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cris pazmiño said...

How do you do the frosting?