Saturday, February 09, 2013

Monoprints and Drawing - Part 3

Here are some more posts where I sketched onto monoprints made with a gelli-plate.  Part 2 can be found here and the first part can be found here.  The prints are made onto a lightweight watercolor paper (the cheap pads of watercolor paper that I purchase in department stores and discount shops.  I find that the lightweight paper isn't good for watercolor, as it tends to warp and bubble.  But, for the mono prints, it works well, as good watercolor paper is too heavy to pull a print.) I use acrylic paint paint -- whatever I have on hand.  This usually means cheap acrylic paint that I can purchase for under $1 a bottle.  But, I have used high quality acrylic paint and it produces even better results. 
 Here is the print onto a paper -- you may have guessed that it is made with bubble wrap to form the circles.
 I sketched a mussel onto the print. I like the colors in the shell and it contrasts nicely with the background.
 This print didn't show up with a lot of paint, so I added the flowers after.  I like the look of he background paper coming through because it adds layers.
I sketched a sea urchin onto this one.
 This background was one of my favorites because it was striped, but not really -- and I loved the colors.  It looks textured, like crocodile skin...
Then I sketched a shell on top.
So far, I posted 9 of the 21 prints!

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