Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Monoprints and Drawings - Part 1

Last summer I posted some monoprints that I made using a gelatin plate.  I saved the prints because I didn't have a plan for them, my efforts were focused on the process, not a particular end result.
Well, I finally came up with a plan for them!  I made 21 prints -- all original, single images. Each print was made with acrylic paints on cardstock.  I took the papers and sketched some seashore images, one shell on each page.  I colored the images in and these are my results:
I started with this print
And added this sketch, done with colored pencils and a white ink pen.

I started with this print...
And added this sketch of coral

I started with this print...

And added this shell.

I have plans to bind all 21 of the images and create a book.  

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