Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monoprints and Drawings - Part 6

 Here is the final installment in my Monoprints and Drawings.  I made the mono prints using a Gelli Plate with acrylic paint.  Then I sketched the drawings (shell and sea life) with colored pencil. I liked the way the texture and background showed the sketches. I also liked the way the color was vibrant in both the background and the sketches.  On some images the two were complementary and on others, the colors competed.  Overall, I was very pleased.
 I used a lot of aqua and blues (my favorite colors) for the background and tried to use a lot of whites in the sketches.
I am not finished with the pages. On the reverse side, I want to do some sketches of lighthouses.  So, the next part of this journey begins.  21 Lighthouses to research, study and sketch.

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