Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow, Snow Go Away!

Sorry to sound like a Grouch, but we are due for ANOTHER snow storm! That will be three in the past 7 days and this Yankee has had her fill. I shouldn't complain, the snow is beautiful.
But, with the 8-12 inches of beauty comes slush, shoveling, clearing, plowing bills and work, work, work.
By the end of February, snow is no longer the welcome thing it was back in December.  Snow is now back breaking effort, sweat and slippery roads and walkways.
Snow is great for the mountains who need the skiers and boarders.  But for the rest of us, snow is another chore to clean.  The only thing worse than more snow is slush, so I should count my blessings that it isn't freezing rain....
That will be next month.

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