Monday, March 11, 2013

Art Inspired by Carla Sonheim

In a previous post, I talked about artist Carla Sonheim, the very talented artist and blogger.  I demonstrated the way I followed her premise of finding art in everyday things, particularly, spotting imaginary animals in the cracks of a sidewalk.  In the previous post, I showed the process of using photographs of cracks to help you find the imaginary animals.
Today, I wanted to show how I drew sketches from the sidewalk cracks and came up with a little journal of my imaginary animals...
Cover of the book "What Do You See?"
Page 1
 The first few animals that I drew were inspired by the shape of the cracks. From a long narrow crack, I saw an alligator with bumpy skin.
 In another crack I saw a four legged animal with a long trunk and antlers.  But, after I did them, I didn't like that they looked drawn as if they were part of a coloring book.  I examined them closer and found that I smoothed the outlines so they no longer resembled cracks. I made the outlines too thick and wanted to change this.
 From there I changed the way I did the sketches.  I simplified some shapes further and used a thinner outline. I made this sketch and I liked it better. It was simple and I can see the sidewalk crack shape!
 This crack was more complicated, but I tried to follow the notion of simple lines, shading and fur.  A two headed rabbit?  Definitely imaginary.
 Here is another one that I liked.  The outline was the complete sidewalk crack and I just added eyes and fur on the neck.
 I did the same thing with this odd peacock, keeping the lines of the cracks and adding things here and there.
And lastly, my favorite guy.  I took a simple sidewalk crack and added just a few things like whiskers, a fine and a round eye.
I have more pages to do and am enjoying finding the different animal parts in each crack.  I do the pictures in stages, where I take some time and pencil in the shape of the cracks.  On another day, I will sketch in the features and lastly, I will color them in, adding fur, whiskers, etc.  It is really very fun!

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