Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Art Practice Using Gelli-Plate Printed Pages

 Here is some more of my practice art. I sketched some simple flowers on a gelli-plate printed page.  I like to keep a stack of monoprints that I made because I love the way they look as background pages.  This one was done with permanent marker and colored pencils.
Here is another page that I did using the gelli printed pages. This time, I took the mono-prints and cut them into shapes to use as houses and buildings.
 Here, I took another printed page and sketched an owl on it.  I used colored pencils and permanent marker.  The texture from the background shows through.
Lastly, I fun little crab made with colored pencil. 


Nancy Kelley said...

Hi DannyB - I am trying to find an email address for you but can't anywhere on your site :) Can you send me a quick email @ so I can write you back? Love the prints - really wonderful!

Trish said...

These are wonderful! Love the owl and the buildings. Great job! :D

DannyB said...

Thanks for the kind words!