Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artwork Inspired by Travel to New Mexico

A recent trip to New Mexico inspired some drawings.  I used colored pencils and apricot colored drawing paper that I found in an art supply store while I was in Santa Fe.  The paper was a huge sheet, so I creased it and tore it in half repeatedly until I made pieces about 5x7 inches in size.
I sketched designs with colored pencil and then outlined the images with ink.
 I did a landscape because I loved the adobe buildings that seemed to pop up in the mountains along the highway.
 Some Native American fetishes that were carved from stones.  Each animal represents strengths that humans wish to emulate.
 A drawing of a kachina from a museum exhibit that I saw.
 Some foliage, maybe aspen leaves?
 A piece of Native American pottery. I love the way the white shows up on the paper
And lastly some jewelry that I saw on my trip. I sketched one earring on the lower left. I bought a pair of those while I was in New Mexico.

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