Sunday, March 10, 2013


Another Week of Blessings
 I was busy this week working on projects of all varieties; cooking, writing, sketching, painting and researching.  It was very hectic, frustrating and accomplishing, all at the same time. I am grateful for so much to do and so the fire burning inside me to want to do it!
I was grateful to the UPS man this week.  Not only did I order two packages on the internet, but I made a mistake when placing the order and entered the wrong street number.  I didn't realize it until the day the package was to be delivered.   The UPS man was confused with my order and made a few attempts knocking on doors to get it to me.  Meanwhile, I spotted his truck and chased him down.  He was kind and thoughtful and delivered my package on time, despite my error!
My sister continues to work through a troubled time and I was grateful that she was able to share some good news with me.
Winter continues in the Northeast with even more snow! I am grateful that we can still see beauty in all this snow!
I managed to get in a 5.6 mile run this week.  This is the longest I have ever run at one time.  When I started running, it took me a few months to build up to running a single mile.  I needed to learn to pace myself and not give it my all right from the start. I felt so accomplished when I finished this long run.  
I am blessed that my father has been helping me during this busy week.

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