Sunday, March 24, 2013


This week has been a very trying week and that is when it is most rewarding to count my blessings.
I have been blessed this week with lots of travel (7868 miles) and mostly on-time flights, good weather and minimal traffic.  Despite a crazy hectic schedule of very early mornings and very late nights, we did our business trip and it worked out well.  It reminds me of the saying "miracles happen after a lot of hard work".
My sister is going through a challenging time concerning the health of her three month old son. We are sending her our prayers and are grateful that she is able to keep in touch with us.
I have been blessed that I have been able to find time to make art during the week.  I now carry a notebook and colored pencils with me when I travel. I have come to appreciate having a few moments here and there to start a sketch or work on it when I get a chance.
I am blessed that the days are starting to warm up!  Oh, to bask in the sun for a few moments rather than hunkering down and running into the grocery store, is a gift.
I have been blessed that with the launch of my new cookbook Après Tennis, my friends and family has posted the link on facebook and helped me generate sales!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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