Monday, March 04, 2013

Drawing in Stages

Here's another "Drawing in Stages".  I drew this octopus using colored pencils (Prismacolor brand) on 90 lb. watercolor paper.  I love drawing octopus, the legs doing interesting things and the body is rather unusual.
 I started by sketching the image using a number 2 pencil.  There are many drawing pencils available, but I prefer to us a standard number 2 pencil and sketch lightly.  After I am confident in my drawings, I will either darken the lines or trace them with ink.
In this case, I traced with a permanent marker, fine tip and erased the lines.  It is best to sketch the lines as lightly as possible, so you don't scratch the paper, but dark enough so you can see what you drew.

Next, I colored the background. I am not thrilled with this background, but I do like the colors. I don't like the scribbles. I tried to do it to quickly and that was a mistake.  I will probably overlay a better background in photoshop, but for now, it gave me some thing to work with.
 I began to color in the octopus. I worked on doing layers, lightly... In this photo, I probably did 5-6 layers of orange, peach, light gray and light umber.  Remember, do light layers, lots of light layers.

 I added in some shadowing, just a little at first on the bottom parts, where light wouldn't shine and then stood back and looked at what I needed to do.
I liked the dark areas but they weren't dark enough, so I went over them with Payne's gray.  I I added some shadowing, behind the tentacles, behind the eye. I added white colored pencil on top of the tentacles, on top of the head for some highlights.

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