Monday, March 18, 2013

Drawing in Steps

Here is another drawing in stages that I did making a colored pencil sketch on a gelli-plate printed page.  
I started with a page that I made using a gelli-plate to make a monoprint on cardstock.  I used acrylic paint and some masks that I made to create interesting images on the page.

I couldn't help but notice that the image of three keys and a piece of string created a face, so I went with it and decided that the two keys would be great eyes for an octopus. 
 I sketched an outline of an octopus around the eyes and then decided to go off the page to create legs that seemed to be taking over!
 Next I outlined the image using a permanent marker over the white pencil outline.
I thought the dark outline and the darkness of the green didn't offer much contrast so I decided to add a layer of white on the background to diffuse it, but still maintaining some transparency.  I could also have done this with some watered down gesso.
When it dried, I thought it was too transparent, so I added another layer of white.  I liked this better because the body of the octopus popped.
End Result
I added some color to fill in the areas where the skin was left patchy and made the eyes a bit more intense.  I shaded a bit and then outlined it in a beautiful blue.  
Starting Image
Serenity you

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