Friday, March 01, 2013

Drawings in my Sketchbook

Here are some of my recent drawings and art.
I love this giant fish that spans two pages in my journal. The image was done entirely in acrylic paint. I like the pink/peach and the green colors.

This sketch of the octopus was done with colored pencils. I have come to really love working with colored pencils. It has been a learning process and a practice in patience.  I love drawing octopus.

 Here is a drawing I did for a class I am taking using Inktense pencils.  Overall the class has been disappointing to me, but I am spending a lot of time drawing so that is the silver lining.
 Here is another drawing done with colored pencils on a page that was monoprinted using a Geli-plate and acrylic paints.

I sketched this Boston terrier using colored pencils.  "Rhett" is the Boston University mascot, so I've been doing quite a bit with terriers. I made a rubber stamp and some drawings.
This sketch is also from my Inktense class. It was practice combining colors with water.

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