Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eight Ways to Decorate an Egg Shaped Cookie for Easter

 Here are 8 Ways to Decorate an Egg Shaped Cookie for Easter.  Use either store bought dough or make sugar cookie dough. Roll out the cookies and cut into egg shapes - ovals that have a swollen bottom.
Make a simple bunny face from white frosting. Add two candies for eyes or use black frosting for eyes and pink frosting for the nose.
 How about a bunny tail?  Use the same shape as the bunny face, but place a pink circle for the tail. Use either an MnM or a pink mint candy.

 How about a simple speckled egg?  Use either round small candies or colored frosting dots.
 Or make it even simpler with a single color dots or frosting.  Black dots look elegant.
 Or make a cute little chicken, my personal favorite. Just use yellow frosting. Add eyes and a beak.  All done.

 You can also easily make jelly beans. Just make small egg shapes in fun colors.
 You can make a cross for Easter as well. Simple white frosting.
Or take advantage of springtime and make flowers in fun spring colors.  I used purple and yellow just by surrounding one circle with lots of smaller ones.

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