Monday, March 25, 2013

Useful Tool: A Bodkin

Everyone who does laundry should have a bodkin. It looks like a pair of tweezers with a small ring on one end.
It's a useful tool that has a very dedicated purpose that you will find immensely helpful on the rare occasions when you need it.
Like when your drawstring comes out one end of your pants and has to be threaded all the way around your waistband or hoodie or drawstring.
 Take the biting end of the bodkin and "bite" the end of the string that you need to thread through the clothing.
 Then, while still biting down, slide the ring to the teeth side until it holds the bodkin's teeth closed when you remove your hands.

 Then slide your bodkin and string into the channel where the string goes.
 Hold onto the end of the bodkin, and scrunch up the clothing, so that you are moving the string through your waistband.
When you get to the end, simply guide the bodkin out, slide the ring off to release the teeth.
 Then your drawstring will be back in position.
Save the bodkin for use another time.  Sometimes, you can use a safety pin to do the same thing, but attaching the safety pin and using it to guide the string through the area.  The reason the bodkin is better is because it is narrow and some eyelets are too small to allow a safety pin through it.
Bodkins are very inexpensive and can be found in the sewing section of department stores, fabric stores and craft stores.  Amazon even sells them for under $4.

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piera said...

I need to get one of these!