Sunday, April 14, 2013


Another week closer to spring brings more blessings!  This little girl pictured above is eating all sorts of food and loves spaghetti! How cute is she!
My sister's son is home with his family and continuing to recuperate and improve and so are his parents! I am so grateful.
My daughters are in the home stretch of their spring semester with only 3 weeks remaining.  Of course, these final weeks are the toughest, but they are completing their year at Boston University.  They have grown, matured and changed. What a year it has been.
I have been busy writing and working on my next novel. I am over 30,000 words into this story and find it just as exciting as writing the first one! I am grateful for finding something I love to do, something that challenges me and motivates me to learn more!
My 12 week long art class finally finished this week.  I am glad that it is over.  It was a long class that seemed to aggravate me more than instruct. I learned that to really learn things I have to pursue techniques, history and knowledge and not depend on others to be informative.  There are occasions where teachers are knowledgeable and well versed. When I come across them, I will appreciate them, their efforts and ability to share knowledge.  I learned to not "expect" a good teacher, but to realize and appreciate the few that are out there.

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