Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Recap

Easter Dinner was delicious. 12 of us gathered, friends and family and cousins!  Oh, so many little cousins!
 There was Ellie Belly with her Easter gown pushing her little walker toy! (Or little Marilena as we call her!)
 Claudia arrived dressed to the nines with Easter bonnet and Bogs Boots, soon replaced with purple crocs and bunny ears!
 And the day finished off with Theo and Claudia smashing confetti eggs over our heads.  Those two are ferocious! Don't think those adorable little faces are innocent... While I knelt down to get a photo at eye level, Claudia smashed an egg on my head! It was so much fun... But, boy those little ones have strong right hooks!  (By the way, Theo is wearing his favorite new shirt and he has all the strength of Superman while smashing eggs!)
My father baked a gorgeous lamb cake from this antique mold!  He did a great job!
And the Easter bunny made an appearance for those dastardly (adorable) devils!

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