Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ice Out 2013 - Pleasant Lake

Ice Out is a huge time of year for "lake people".  And by "lake people" I don't just mean fisherman, boaters and swimmers, I mean anyone in New England who longs for summer!  "Ice Out" is an official term used by the big lake, Winnipesaukee, where Ice Out has been recorded since 1888. Ice Out is defined by when a authority (in this case Dave Emerson) makes the call that the M/S Mount Washington can navigate to all ports on the lake.  Mind you, this is New England, so it doesn't mean the Mount Washington will go to these ports and it doesn't mean that the lake is free of ice. It just means that it is possible.  That is all the words we need to hear!
 These photos are from Pleasant Lake on April 17, 2013.  Notice that the ice is dark and waterlogged.
The ice is breaking up and looks almost shattered in parts.
 Here is a view across the lake.  You can see the black cold water and the the thin ice on top.
Contrary to popular belief the ice doesn't just melt away.  In fact, the snow on top is blown around by wind and some melt takes place on the top of the ice.  Water actually permeates and saturates the ice and it becomes waterlogged and turns dark.  It breaks up with further deterioration and moving water from melted springs and the ice sinks into the lake.  That is why it is here one day and gone the next.
And the good news, after it is gone.... comes summer!

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