Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Lighthouse Series - Erie Land Lighthouse

The Erie Land Lighthouse in Pennsylvania was known as the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse. It was originally built in 1818 but replaced twice.  The existing building was built in 1867.
The first tower sunk into the ground and was replaced with a second one.  After the second one was built, builders found a layer of quicksand in the foundation.  The final tower was built from Berea sandstone. The lighthouse was deactivated in 1880 when another the Presque Isle Light was constructed.  After public outcry, the government repurchased the closed lighthouse and reopened it until 1899.  The city of Erie purchased the lighthouse in 1934.  A copper replica of the lantern was put in the tower and relit in 2004 after a wooden one blew off the lighthouse in 2003 during a windstorm.

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