Sunday, May 05, 2013


After a week of beautiful weather, it seems fitting to count my blessings. The days have been warm and sunny, reaching highs in the 60's and the nights still remain cool, in the 30's.  This weather is simply divine.
Spring plants are in bloom and there are color bursts everywhere.  After a long winter, I feels as if the blooms are early this year, but the first week in May isn't really early!
My girls finished their classes and take finals next week. They will have completed their sophomore and freshman years at college.
I spent a lot of time at work this week and what seems like more time running errands.  I was exhausted all week.  I am glad that I can keep busy and feel accomplished by doing lots of work.
I've been working on more drawings when I have time and feel like I am making progress with my shading.
I finished reading the latest novel by James Lee Burke, Creole Belle. This series features one of my favorite characters of all time, Clete Purcell. I enjoyed this novel as much as the others.
I am prepping my Summer Bucket List for this year and I look forward to setting goals to accomplish over the next few months.

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