Saturday, May 25, 2013


Memorial Day is the last Monday in May, tomorrow in this case.  It is our day to remember the men and women who died while serving our country.  (It differs from Veteran's Day as that day is dedicated to remembering anyone who served our country, living or dead.)   
On Memorial Day, the American flag is raised and then lowered to half staff, where it remains until noon. It is done in honor of those in the military who died while in service to our country.
It is then raised to full staff for the rest of the day.  This action is done by the living who vow to not let the deceased die in vain, but who then vow to continue to fight for liberty and justice for all.
 I am blessed to live in a country without a draft, but with a professional military for those that choose to honor our country. America is truly the home of the brave.

Unofficially, Memorial Day is the start of summer, although northern NH a Saturday snowstorm makes us rethink that designation.

Today is day 59 of a 60 day workout that Jon and I have been doing.  We followed the Insanity Workout which I found extremely challenging. The daily workouts went from 47 minutes to over 80 minutes. We are drenched with sweat, but in great shape. I haven't done so many push ups and jumps in my life.  We changed our eating habits in combination with the workout and both lost weight and gained muscle.  It is a lot of work: daily healthy eating and making time to exercise.  I am glad that Jon and I did this together and am glad everyday that we worked on this.

I have been making an effort to do some artwork each day. Some days, I can't find the time, but most days, I can squeeze in a few minutes for a sketch or a pencil drawing.  Some drawings take me days to do, not because they are difficult, but because I can only do a little bit at a time.  I've come to accept that this is okay... I am blessed that I learned some patience with this.

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