Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creating Patterned Pages

 I have come to appreciate the art of making your own tools and supplies.  Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment when creating my own things (food, tools, cleaning products or art supplies) but I also like the ability to make the item my own.  Yes, it is more convenient to purchase ready made things, but it isn't the same.  There are 3 benefits to making your own art products:
1. They are original works.  (If selling your work, you don't have any copyright violations).
2. They are tailored to your style or likes.
3. They are a way to jump start your creative process.
AND sometimes, maybe
4. They can be cost effective, but not always...
Making your own patterned paper is a great way to learn.  When you start with a blank sheet and add patterns, you are engaging your mind.  Sometimes, just drawing shapes repeatedly can springboard you into another idea or image.  Making your own patterned paper is a great way to add to your arsenal and have paper that you can use for collage, journals and paintings.
I started with blank card stock and black acrylic paint.  I did a few pages and was inspired, so I took out  plain old printer paper and painted on some and drew with a black pen on others.  I just played around.
My first foray was using all black and white images.  I took the pages and made photocopies so I could add color and alter the additional pages.  When I make color pages, I have them color copied.  This costs more per sheet, so I am more careful choosing the image I want to stock up on.
Before I knew it, I had completed 23 pages!  Here are a few...
 Seeing stars.
 Brick Wall
 Hip to Be Square
Comma, Comma


Serenity you


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Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Hi Danny, I really love this idea, and your doodles would make great scrapbook paper. I especially like that you did them in black and white, which makes them super easy to scan in and digitize, so you can print them out in any color or combination of colors, using the graphics program of choice. Well done! So glad I found you over at Flamingo Toes. :)