Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Design Elements: Repetition

The elements are design are the building blocks of what makes things appear pleasing.  Design is a way of explaining reasons why some art "works".  Being something subjective is it a personal preference or a matter of taste.  When I look at something and see beauty, others may overlook the same thing!  
It is similar to having a sense of humor.  There is no single "sense of humor" because there are things that I find hysterical and can cause others to shake their heads in confusion.
I find design elements to be like this.  Now some people believe that there are principles of design that are written in stone, but like taste, I find them all subjective.  Take the flavor of salt.  Most of us recognize what that is, but we differ on how "salty" something should be.  The same goes for sugar sweetness or spiciness.  We all can recognize what they mean, but when you try to explain what you mean, it becomes subjective.
Design Elements are the same way.  They are a basic idea.  I think that all design elements are related and no one element stands alone.  Of course, other people can argue a different point of view.  But, allow me to explain my thinking.
Design Elements are ideas : Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Space, Form, Repetition.
When we find beauty in things, when we like a painting or think a sunset is beautiful - it is because the design elements are pleasing to our eyes. But, rarely is only one design element responsible for our opinion.  However, when learning to create something pleasing, it helps to realize the design elements, so we can work with them to make something beautiful.
Let's start with repetition.  Simple enough -- it means repeating things.
In many ways, this spattering of stars is a basic use of REPETITION.  Simply a lot of stars.  Now, if you look closer, you notice the black background, the colors, the glow and shapes.  But, at it's most basic, it is a repetition of stars.
 Here is another image showing repetition of shapes. There are the added interests of light and color, too.
And here we have repeated posts... simple soothing colors and textures.

 Clusters of sunflowers -- a basic repetition. But, we also have color and shapes.
 Here's one not found in nature -- repeated cookie shapes and colors.  It's not the most beautiful thing, but still, it's interesting to look at.
Here we have repeated patterns with the lanterns. We also have color, contrast and light.

 Repeated shapes: the purple flower, the pointy petals, the round bulbs, the circles of light. Repetition with color and contrast again.
 Lastly, we have a valley of snow covered trees.  The trees are full of texture, contrast between the snow and pines, pointy shape tops as well as an interesting color palette.

The next time you see something that is interesting, think about why? Why makes it interesting?

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