Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eastern and Western Veterinary Medicine

This winter a over 400 sea turtles were stranded on the southern part of Cape Cod.  The animals were stranded in the cold water with limbs exposed and frozen and drifted to shore.  Only 240 turtles survived and were taken to the New England Aquarium for treatment.  The animals were starving, suffering from hypothermia and couldn't eat.  Some had secondary infections like pneumonia and were crippled.  Vets treated the turtles using traditional veterinary medicine, but 14 of the turtles required something more.  Unexpectedly they brought in  acupuncture techniques.
Acupuncture for turtles?
It is used to reduce stress, increase circulation and improve the immune system.  They are treated once a week using the ultra tiny needles (so small that 3-4 can fit into a standard syringe).
The vets are finding that the animals are improving. Their appetites are improving and they are beginning to use damaged limbs.

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