Saturday, May 18, 2013

IRS Targeting Political Groups who Oppose the Progressive Agenda

The former head of the IRS, Steve Miller publicly apologized for targeting political groups who had conservative leanings but then said that the actions were not political.
Each day we are learning more such as the IRS "scandal"was suppressed until the 2012 election took place, in a clear attempt to hide activities that would negatively affect their agenda.  In fact, the IRS not only delayed processing groups with conservative ties, but quickly processed groups that coincided with the president's wishes.  Additionally, as a way to punish those that oppose the president's agenda, citizens who have conservative values are audited.  Fines, lawyers fees, harassment and threats of jail time.  This is not America.  This is criminal.
This is called a dictatorship - not a democracy.

We are living in a country where the IRS - the all powerful arm of the government (the one that collects revenues) is selectively choosing to enforce laws or harass groups that do not meet with their agenda.
Where does freedom fit in to this form of government?  It DOES NOT.

We are now a country where people are punished for their beliefs when they do not coincide with those of those in power.
The Wall Street Journal published a well written piece on this frightful situation here.

Foolish celebrities (again, those that label themselves as Progressive) chide the press stating that "Tea Parties, Constitution groups, Patriots and Conservatives SHOULD be audited because they don't believe what they believe.  We have a president who claims to be unaware that these things were happening and therefore, he has no responsibility.
We live in America.  Our president should be outraged that any American is targeted, harassed and punished for their beliefs.  Everyone should realize that this is dangerous and not be gleeful because someone else is being harassed and they are not.  That's called bullying and each time someone defends these deplorable actions, be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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