Monday, May 13, 2013

Left Handed and Right Handed

Ever wonder how much of the population is left handed?
It's interesting to think that 90% of humans are right handed and it has been this way for over 5,000 years!
Scientists have a theory that is based on cooperation vs competitiveness.  The general population has 90:10 ratio of right handed to left handed people.  Scientists believe that if populations were entirely cooperative, all people would be similarly dominant so that tools could be shared.  Competition favors unique characteristics.  In sports, the percentage of left handed people is far higher, as much as 50:50 in baseball!
Researchers were able to predict the numbers of left handed players in various sports.  Interestingly, left handedness is considered partially inherited and partially learned.  Identical twins can have different dominant hands!
We have a lot to learn about humans.


DamianC said...

I wonder what the percentage is in our family.
Our House 3 rights, 1 left (Theo) How about the rest of the clans?

DannyB said...

4 rights 0 lefts