Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lighthouse Series: Makapuu HI

The Makapuu Lighthouse has the largest light in the USA.  It is located on the most southeastern point of the island of Oahu. The light was activated in 1909 and the lens was 12 feet tall and contained over a thousand prisms.
The light first used an oil vapor lamp with an additional alcohol burner used to start the light.  In 1925 this caused a disaster as the lightkeepers were filling the alcohol reservoir, spilled alcohol and lit a match. An explosion was triggered and one of the two men died.  In 1927 the lighthouse began to use a radio beacon and the lighthouse switched to using a 500W incandescent bulb.  Through the years, the light has been vandalized. It is now a spot for hikers, however, the parking lot near the light is known as a high theft area.

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